We are the product of those who came before us, and an ingredient of those to come.   --- A. L.


The story of each of us is waiting to be told. Just like our DNA, the history of how our families formed, and survived are unique to each of us.

Who are your ancestors? Where did they come from? How did they get here? How many family stories are out there waiting to be found? Whether you have climbed every branch of your family tree, or you are standing at the base of it with a twig in your hand, wondering which branch it came from, A Research Guru is here to help you make the discoveries, solve the mysteries, and assist you with your research needs.

My hope is that while you are here you will be inspired to discover the story that is your own, either by using your own genealogical skills, or with the assistance of a professional genealogist. There has never been a more exciting time to learn your family history, and discover your story than right now. Technology, subscription services, DNA testing, and the time, and dedication of multitudes of unsung heroes abstracting, indexing, researching, transcribing, and translating records every day, for the benefit of us all, are just a few of the tools available to genealogists today.

Give yourself and your family the gift of knowledge that can be kept alive and handed down to future generations. Contact me today for a free 30 minute consultation