My services include DNA interpretation and applications services; consultation services; adopted/unknown parentage cases; family history research/reconstruction; family tree-building; and Southwest Native American research. My fields of concentration are in Idaho, New Mexico, Southwest United States, Northwest United States, 17th -21st centuries. Because everybody's heritage is so diverse, it is inevitable that the genealogy trail often leads you out of the field of concentration, therefore, I am happy to provide research all over the United States, including immigration/emigration

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DNA interpretation and applications services utilizing commercially available DNA testing for genealogical purposes, and subscription database technology. 

  • For adoptees, or individuals of unknown parentage, genealogical DNA testing, and triangulation are particularly useful tools for seeking out biological family. As you may already know the paper trail can often lead to a brick wall, or there may not even be a paper trail to follow. DNA testing provides an opportunity to potentially resolving your mystery. It may be necessary to test with more than one company in order to maximize the possibility of making a connection to your biological family. 
  • By accessing your AncestryDNA™ results as an editor, and using™subscription services, I can begin to build your family tree starting with information you provide me. I will link your DNA results to said tree, build up your tree, and help you make the most of your match list; enhancing the possibility of making new family connections, and making discoveries such as family photos, and stories derived from other member trees. 

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Ancestor discovery, family tree building, and family history reconstruction. Research is focused on compiling facts, documents, news articles, and photos on one ancestor or nuclear family at a time. 

  • Online research. A great place to start. I can utilize both subscription based services and other online resources to provide a starting place to compiling your family history. As digital content becomes available it is providing access to records that were only available previously by onsite research, potentially eliminating some of the need for travel.
  • Document retrieval and onsite repository research in Ada County Idaho, of records that are available to the public including but not limited to, land and court records, library research, newspaper archives, business filings and entity research, cemeteries, museums and archives. 
  • Onsite research that requires travel outside of Ada County, Idaho. Depending on the project, sometimes travel is necessary to ensure that all records and information that could potentially impact the outcome of the research are considered. I do have contacts in many areas of the nation and every effort will be made to avoid any unnecessary travel expenses.

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genealogy A la mode - preserving today

If you can't find what your looking for please be sure to contact me, I am happy to review your needs and customize a solution for you.

  • Oral Interviews. You are living history. Your story is important and should be told by you. I can conduct a personal interview, of which the topics and questions will be designed just for you. The interview can be provided in both a transcribed and audio format so that it can be shared now and with the generations to come.
  • House Histories. Discover the genealogy of your older home, including ownership history, information about when your home was built, plat maps if available, and research of local newspaper archives. 
  • Transcribing and abstracting services for your old documents.
  • Any combination of traditional and genetic genealogy research.

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important details

Every research project begins with a question. I will provide a free 30 minute consultation and construct a research plan that includes the estimate of how many hours it will take to complete the project. Research is focused on compiling facts, documents, news articles, and photos on one ancestor or nuclear family at a time. This makes your project manageable, and focused, ensuring the best results. The results of your research will be returned in report form including, findings, source citations, copies of documents pertaining to the search, and recommendations for further research if needed.

Genealogy research services are sold in blocks of one hour. Hourly rate is $30.00 per hour. Some additional charges that you may incur include but are not limited to, copy, and certification fees for documents; parking fees; and any travel related expenses, DNA testing should choose to participate.

It is important for you to understand: 1) Research takes time. Since the needs and desires of each client can vary greatly, it is not practical to determine how much time your research project will require without first knowing what your goals are. 2) Fees are based on hours to be worked, not results. I cannot guarantee results. 3) For various reasons, that which you are seeking may not exist. 4) Sometimes research turns family facts into family fiction, and can also reveal information you may not have been prepared for, or information that is not consistent with your expectations. 5) Many records are available thru online sources, however, many are not. Some records may also have been lost, destroyed, or become inaccessible over time. 6) If you are seeking contact with family you must keep in mind that they may not want to be contacted.

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